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Novelist Dan Vanderburg is a sixth generation Texan who grew up hearing how his ancestors worked to build their farms, ranches, and their way of life on the Texas frontier. Those accounts lit a spark in Dan as a youngster to learn more about the people that built Texas.

After living throughout the western United States, in California, Nevada, Colorado and Arizona, Dan has returned to his roots in Texas to write and explore his native state, getting a feel for the locations where his stories take place.  Dan enjoys developing strong characters with their own stories to tell, then placing them in and around critical events in history.

Dan has published four historical fiction works:  
Legacy of Dreams (Texas Legacy Family Saga Book 1); Trail of Hope (Texas Legacy Family Saga Book 2) (Volume 2); Freedom Road (Texas Legacy Family Saga Book 3); and The Littlest Hero.

In a departure from his historical Texas fiction, Dan has published
"Happy Sounds: A Collection of Humorous Short Stories and Captivating Poetry." This book is a compilation of some gut-busting short stories and heart-felt poetry written by Dan Vanderburg throughout his life.  This is definitely a book to get for those days when you just need a short break to put a smile on your face.  

Dan is also in the process of writing a MG/YA historical fiction fantasy - The working title is "Extraordinary Adventures of Max Malone:  Tales of Texas." Max finds himself traveling through time with the help of a mysterious mentor and some magical artifacts to experience events in history (and gets some pretty good grades in history and social studies in the process!).  Dan plans Max's adventures as a series--experiencing different eras and events in history.

In addition to Dan's activities as a novelist and poet, he is an accomplished lecturer and trainer.  He speaks for social, fraternal and business organization, as well as church groups, schools and retirements complexes.  In his presentation "Gone to Texas," Dan discusses what life was really like on the raw frontier of early Texas, and includes book signings.  

His training programs include "How to Write Your Memoir" and "How to Develop a Read and Critique Group." Dan also offers book signings and readings. 
You can contact Dan by EmailFacebookTwitter and on Instagram  or subscribe to Dan's newsletter for updates on appearances and new releases - we will never give out or sell your information and we'll keep the emails to a minimum - That's a promise! Dan would rather write books than spam folks! 

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